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Re: Angle of the dangle guess?

Thanks ladies! After multiple responses that it wasn't the nub, I got a bit obsessed with determining if it was or not. Anyway, I looked through both the confirmed girl and confirmed boy threads on in-gender. (Which are LONG and TONS of pics) . I am pretty confident it is the nub at this point. I actually think that the reason that it seems too large and prominent to people is that that it is actually a VERY GOOD pic of the nub, and people are more used to seeing pics that aren't as clear. After reading many many gender threads, I got the distinct impression that most people just shift through all the pics they got at the 12 week ultrasound looking for one with the nub. In my case, I specifically asked the u/s tech if she could guess. So, she went looking for exactly this picture. She then pointed it out and explained how both boys and girls have nubs, and it was the angle with the spine we were looking at. So, she knew what she was looking for. Another reason I am convinced it is the nub is that nubs have forked ends (there is some theory that only girls have forks, but apparently that isn't true), and you can clearly see the fork at the end of this nub.

So, I'm going with it is the nub! Everyone so far has guessed girl, and I was feeling girl already, so I really do think it is a girl. However, I know that the accuracy of the nub guesses are far from perfect and are even less accurate if the guess is girl rather than boy. So, not painting the room pink yet! (Not that I would anyway, I HATE pink. ) I can't wait to find out "for sure" at the 20 week! Only 6 more weeks to go!!!
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