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So far we've bought DS a pair of jeans, 2 long sleeve tops, an angry birds game and a pair of pajamas. We're also planning on getting him a nerf football and laser lag maybe if DH can finish up his job this week and the customer pays him. DH is a subcontractor so our income isn't very reliable, but he gives me an allowance for doing the book keeping so I can have my own money. For the baby she's getting a leap frog my pal violet and four gerber blanket sleepers. Her big gift is my sons old exersaucer. We've saved it for five years in hopes of having another baby and now we finally do. I stored it in a big contractor bag so it's in great condition so I'm just going to sanitize it and put a big bow on it for her. I also want to get her a tether for her stocking. As far as gifts for DH and myself were each getting pajamas and then a DVD player for our room. I guess we could also call our car repairs Christmas presents too. DH is getting his radiator flushed and he's putting a new door handle on my rear passenger side door lol.
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