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Re: NTNP December 9th - December 15th

Originally Posted by TeachinAuntie View Post
What do ya'll think? Idea for telling DH *IF* I am pregnant...

We could have my friend's oldest standing with Luke, with a sign around his neck/in front of him that says #1...

then her 2nd child with Vinnie (might have to put Vin in the stroller) and a sign that says #2

and then her youngest with the #3 sign & an arrow pointing at me with a bulls-eye sign on my belly.

She is military & can get me on base, but not into DH's building....but he could look out the window & see us or come down.
But wouldn't your friend find out before your DH that way? I told a BFF before DH once and it didn't go over well with him either.
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