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Re: messed up cycle occuring months after delivery?

How old are you? Could it be you are having some peri-menopausal or menopausal symptoms? Hope that does not offend you. Some women start experiencing changes pretty early on. My mother started to have strange bleeding, and whacky cycles around age 38, and she is in her late 50s and is still going through menopause, with whacky cycles and strange bleeding.

If all of your labs came back normal, I would just say your hormones are changing as your body is changing. While it is annoying (and maybe a bit scary for someone who has had such regular cycles for so long!) I don't think it is something to be overly alarmed about, unless some tests start coming back showing something seriously wrong. OR you start having other symptoms.

I have never had a predictable period before kids. Ever. I'd go four months without a period, have one, then have another two weeks later, then not have one for a month, then bleed for two weeks....... My period didn't even resemble something "normal" until after I had my DS. Then my period would come within a wide range of days - about every 35-45 days. It evened out closer to 38 days after I had my 3rd kid. And now I am pg again. Who knows what's in store after this LO is born. For me, it's just a part of life. And cramps are also normal for many, many women.

I know it sucks. If all your tests are normal, and there are no other symptoms, I would not be worried.
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