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Re: Which haircut?

Thanks for all your help ladies! I still haven't decided. My hair is closest to number 1 right now, and all I ever do is straighten it or put it in a pony tail. I don't use hair products since I'm and chemicals, and my hair won't hold culs without tons if spray or mouse.

I am going to put it off for a few more days, since my local salon offers this package on Thursdays!

Thursday-Ladies Escape~

An hour and a half of absolute heavenly bliss! Pamper yourself for only $60 with an offer you DO NOT want to miss!

Regularly $70 to $85

Choice of Beverage (includes adult beverages)


Shampoo with Scalp or Hair Treatment (suited to your needs)

Neck & Head Massage

Personalized Haircut

Style & Finish

Brow Sculpting (wax & trim/shaping)

$5 Add on Lip or Chin Wax

Maybe I'll take all 4 pictures and tell the stylist to surprise me! Lol
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