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Re: NTNP December 9th - December 15th

Originally Posted by TeachinAuntie View Post
So, I need someplace to hang out & chat and I figured this is probably the best place with what I've got going on....

I struggled with infertility before my 3 yo was born, and had one miscarriage.

When he was 14 months old, on my 2nd PP cycle, I was super-mega-surprised to find out I was pregnant!

That cycle started on Nov. 16, 2010 and ended with my adorable Vinnie being born in August.

Well, I had one weird fluke of a AF back in march & then nothing until this fall.

Then I had 2 cycles, the current one which started on Nov. 16, 2012.

Now, we do typically use condoms, if we KNOW I'm near O since we aren't really TRYING & that's about the only time of the month I even feel like DTD.

But, for some reason this month, DH was just "forgetful" and we managed to DTD 6 times, 4 of which were definitely during O week.

So, now I'm in the 2WW and not sure if I'm HOPING to be pregnant or not be pregnant. :/

Here's my chart.

Pregnancy is HARD on me. Like IV nutrition/zofran/fluids hard.

But, 2 of my good friends just had babies and I've definitely go baby brain.

Do ya'll mind if I hang out with you until some ICs get here & I can start testing?

I'm already thinking ahead to, "what if I AM will I tell DH?"

He got super pissed that I told my due-date group friends (from my 3 yo's due date club) before I told him that I was pregnant with Vinnie. BUT, I honestly didn't think it was possible at the time & they are the ones who put all my symptoms together & told me to test.

This time around, they will all know I'm testing & be itching to see the tests. Negative tests I can show them...but if its positive I have to tell my husband first.

BUT, then he was also mad at me that I just called him at work & said, "Guess what? I'm pregnant." (he thought I was kidding at first--who JOKES about that?)

Anyway, I will need a CUTE, QUICK way to tell him, so that I can get on with telling my due-date club friends if I am.

He works on the Naval Station, so seeing him at work is not possible.
I don't have any cute ideas, but I hope you find out soon!!

Originally Posted by ashliemh View Post
Sounds like you have a plan mama I really like the idea of the bags...I may need to steal that from you

AFM: So I am pretty sure I FINALLY got my first ppaf this morning. I had a false alarm a month or so ago, but this time feels real, so fingers crossed. I am really hoping this is it, because it will be so nice to know where I am in my cycle.

Hope everyone has a great day!
Yay for PPAF! I love when I am able to start tracking my cycles again too.

AFM: I'm a day late. But I think it's just a fluke cycle thing. Since my first PPAF I've ovulated on day 21 or 22 and had a 6-7 day LP. My normal is 11-12 days, and this always happens while I'm breastfeeding and slowly returns to normal. Well this month I O'd on day 14 and am on LP day 8! So of course I'm thinking I'm pregnant, but it's more than likely just the fact that my cycles are regulating. I'll probably get a test tonight just for fun.

I had 2 little ones up all night sick with this cold, and I have it now myself. So we are taking it easy today.
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