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Hi, I am 8 weeks 3 days today and am feeling TIRED. Last week is a blur--I slept so much and vacillated between nausea and starvation, lol. I do not feel as nauseous so far, so hoping I have a better week. I had HG with my oldest, so I always worry when I start feeling sick. I had a great u/s last Monday--measured 7 weeks 1 day and heart rate was 152bpm. I am very relieved! My next appointment is December 31st.
AFM (as for me): My 15 month-old has weaned. He has not breast fed in 2 weeks. I feel kind of guilty, but it's actually a relief to have my boobs back to myself for a little while. I guess we were both just ready. My 13 year-old has been a huge help around the house as I have been struggling to keep up. Did I mention we are moving from a 2 bedroom apartment with a yard to a 4 bedroom town house with a patio but a huge park across the street Saturday?? Yes, packing craziness is underway amidst my fatigue. Here's hoping I get through this, lol!
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