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Tantrums in the grocery store

My DS is 26 months old, and I've been having a very tough time with him in the grocery store. He doesn't want to be in the cart. The instant I put him in the cart, he starts crying and screaming "Walk!". When he does this, I just ignore the tantrum, like I would if we were at home, and continue my shopping (quickly!). Eventually he stops, though it may not be until we're at the checkout line. When he's finished, he sniffles a few times, says "Oh no! Sorry, Mama."

Is there a better way to handle this? I'm hesitant to take him out of the store, because then he's being taken out of the cart, which is exactly what he's throwing a fit about. I also shop at Aldi, and I don't want to just leave my cart, even if it is only a quarter.

When DH was shopping with my son once, he did let him out of the cart. He had to run after him and put back all the items that DS was throwing on the floor. I can't chase after him like that while shopping.

Thanks, mamas, for your advice and suggestions!
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