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Re: Twin Reality Check

I think this question can best be answered by your OB. We tried for & got twin DDs through IVF after my chosen OB informed me I have an unusually long cervix & she fully supported us in transferring 2 embryos.

This week I start Lupron injections in preparation for a frozen embryo transfer & if 2 of our 3 thaw properly we will transfer two again - we did again receive my OBs full support! Yay!!!

I have never carried a singleton for comparisons sake, but my twin pregnancy was physically easy. I was 33-34 yrs old then and choose to deliver my girls at 37 weeks. I am trying it again at age 37.

The bond my girls share is AMAZING. As long as we always have 2 embryos to try with & my OB is in full support we will never not try for 2. I could never imagine not providing them with the gift of each other!
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