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Re: Wish us luck!

This morning, after dropping DS1 at school, we came home and packed up almost all the diapers (he thinks they're all packed up but i kept nighttime/nap stuff available. Put on undies, he was excited, went potty twice when I took him.

After second potty, less than an hour later, he announced he peed his undies. Didn't want to change them into dry undies or dry pants What kind of kid wants to wear cold wet undies (not a diaper or trainer...thin undies) and cold wet thin cotton pants?

I changed his undies/clothes anyway, into undies and JEANS! He peed them too. He was acting really irritable so I gave him naptime. I didn't want to put him in a diaper so I put his trainers on, but since they are not nap-worthy I stuck a folded PF in like a liner (they don't have pockets) and put on his pants. He is sleeping.'s not going like I'd hoped, but I am NOT getting the diapers back out.
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