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Re: Tantrums in the grocery store

I shop alone. I do everything in my power to ensure that I do not have to bring ANY of my kids or DH. I don't even bring my teenager. DH works 50 hours a week and commutes an hour each way, making it 60 hours a week he's gone from home. But he's home on Saturdays and Sundays so I go shopping on Sundays. I spend more money, end up more frazzled, exhausted and it's simply not good for anyone for me to take kids with. They stay home with Daddy and get some time with Daddy and I shop.

However if you have to take the little one, some other things to try are a special shopping snack. You either bring something from home, something that you reserve just for shopping time, or buy it there before you do anything else. A snack gives the little one something to look forward to and keeps him occupied.

You can try giving him a choice-You may help me push the cart, or you can ride in the cart. If you run around, you will sit in the seat in the front.

You can try bribing him with a reward at the end. My meijer has one of the old fashioned horse rides. It's a much better reward than any sort of toy or candy.

You can try "time out" or whatever version you want to use. I have sat Raeanna "in the corner" in Walmart when I have had to run out and grab something and she was throwing a fit.
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