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Another Configuration Question

I need help figuring out the best way to carpool after I have my newbie next month. All 8 seats of my 2012 Odyssey will be filled a couple of days a week when I have carpool duty.

I will have:
1 newb in an SnugRide35 at first (that thing is a beast!), but will probably get a KeyFit in a few months since the SR is borrowed temporarily.
1 3.5yo FF in a TrueFit or Radian
1 5yo in a booster
4 kids not in carseats

There is only one kid of the bunch who is big enough to ride in the front passenger seat, so that problem solves itself. My biggest issue is trying to figure out how to fit the newb and 4yo in the 2nd row (4yo can't buckle his own seat or unbuckle it), while keeping relatively easy access to the third row. My boostered kid will go in the third row. So, my questions:

Does it make any difference if I use the TF vs the Radian as far as space issues go?

I'm thinking of putting the baby in the middle seat, so I can just snap him into the base, and then will have easy access to buckle in the 4yo on the driver side. Will it be easy enough to flip down the 2nd row passenger seat to load the 3rd row?

Is there any reason the 3.5yo should go in the middle seat instead of the baby?

Thank you, if you got this far!!
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