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Re: Dave Ramsey Support Thread ~ Dec 10 - Dec 16

Originally Posted by frugalmomof2 View Post
Income: $610 net weekly, DH usually has a good chunk of overtime each month but it is not guaranteed income

Weekly Expenses:
Grocery (includes toiletries, DH lunches, 3 meals a day for me & 2 kids No WIC or other assistance): $105
DH's gas (work commute): $60
My gas (kids to school, grocery store): $10
Auto Payment: $416.30 (read my first paragraph above, we will be working on refi so we can get rid of this debt)
Auto Insurance (2 vehicles, one full coverage, 1 liability) & Renter's Insurance: $115 (I have shopped extensively, this is the best deal I can find!)
Cellular Phones: $110 (our only phones. Verizon. Prepaid is cheaper but termination is $270 for both of our lines)... don't like this bill this high (I think it should be $75-90 with prepaid but not sure we can change it right now).
Internet: $31.36 (basic internet, no contract, necessary for my college classes)
Water/Sewer/Trash: $115 (our town is high. My sister/fiance is close to this and its just the two of them).
Gas: $30 (average just our furnace and dryer.)
Electric: $85 (budget billing)
Netflix: $8 (on our roku, we have no cable or anything)
Personal Loan Payment: $50 (we are paying $100 a month so we can get it done by March and try to refi the car.. If DH gets overtime to add to the snowball we will have it done in Feb).
Rent: $575

We are left with AT LEAST (depending on DH's overtime) $25 a month to snowball our debt. DH usually (90% of the time) gets enough overtime that we have $300 or so a month to snowball.
A few things that jump out at me...

I would get on WIC for your 2yr old, shop sales and coupon to help cut the grocery bill down. I'd bet you could get it down to $70-$75/week.

You should be able to get the cell phone bill lower without terminating your contract. Before I upgraded to an iphone, my verizon bill was $90 and that was for 2 lines, the lowest amount of minutes plus texting.

Also, make sure you are consolidating trips to save gas money.
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