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Re: Daycare positives

It's allllll in the quality of your care provider. We've made sacrifices so that we can send our daughter to a very high quality preschool/day care center. She's been in a daycare environment since she was twelve weeks old. There are so many advantages:

--I am not a child care expert. I am a mom and I know my child better than anyone, but child development is not my core competency. Our day care was able to get Leah on a routine and she was a happier baby because of it. As she got older they were able to fill her day with age-appropriate developmental activities that I would never have thought of.

--Our daughter is an only child so she does not experience conflict with siblings at home. Daycare replicates that environment somewhat so she has learned to share and get along with others. She doesn't have those socialization opportunities at home.

--Her preschool has a very good routine and she follows it well. She will be well-prepared for school. I can't replicate the same kind of schedule at home.

--I know me, and I would be overbearing if I didn't have the forced separation of working. I've wanted to stay home, but came to the conclusion that I wanted to stay home for ME; it wouldn't be any better for Leah if I didn't work. If I thought it was the best thing for Leah to stay home then we'd make those sacrifices to make it work but in our situation, in which I am the primary breadwinner and have a really, really good job in a crappy economy, it's best for all of us if I work. That's not about daycare specifically but it goes to the thought that kids are better off at home; studies have shown that there's really no difference between kids who stay home and kids whose moms work. My job allows Leah to have the kind of life and experiences I want her to have, and daycare makes it possible for me to work and know that she's having a great time while I'm away from her.
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