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Re: Another Configuration Question

I probably would put the 3.5 year old in the middle, in the radian (narrower), for two reasons (well, 2.5 reasons!). First, the rule of thumb is "least protected child in the middle," and a forward facing child is always less protected than a rear facing child. Second, I personally have a much easier time loading infant seats if they are closer to the outside of a car (especially vans since they are higher up off the ground). And reason two-and-a-half (not really good enough to be a full reason on its own) is that I expect you'll have an easier time flipping down the 2nd row passenger outboard seat if there's a radian in the middle seat compared to a snugride (especially if you want to move the seat while the snugride is in its base). But I could be wrong about that, which is why it's not a stand-alone full reason.

We don't actually have an Odyssey, so if someone who does comes by and can answer more knowledgeably, I defer to his/her answers.
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