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Potty training problem solving for 18mo DD

My sweet little DD has been doing various levels of PLing for the last several months. This past week she started asking for her potty so we went "cold turkey" to panties. She's done great! Today is day three or four (I think?) and so far no "misses." But...

Yesterday and today she's been franctically asking for the potty, but then not actually voiding/peeing completely. I know she's taking in LOTS of fluids (we're pushing them), but she's only squeezing out teeny little tinkles. Then last night she finally pooped and THEN had a nice huge pee.

I'm wondering if she's holding her pee bc she's trying not to poop (she has some constipation and has always been a little anxious about pooping, even since she was tiny). I'm also concerned she could give herself a UTI by holding it for too long.

Any thoughts? Tips for encouraging her to void more consistently? Tips for getting past the poop phobia?

Thanks in advance. :-)
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