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Re: How much drinking is acceptable when youre raising children?

Lately DH has been drinking probably 5 out of 7 nights a week- one or two beers. His brother is big into home brew and supplies DH (for free) with lots of home brewed beers in all sorts of different flavors. BIL also makes his own wine and we do drink some of that on occasion, but his wine isn't as good as his beer. Also, DH enjoys whiskey and probably one night out of the week will have hard liquor. Sometimes he sips it straight, but most of the time he puts it in a drink. He's never drunk, though, and he can NOT drink if he wants to not drink. He doesn't "need" to drink, in other words.

I'm fine with him drinking like that around the kids, so long as he's not drunk. I don't want him drunk around the kids, but I can't remember the last time he was drunk so it's not an issue right now.

As for me, I"ll have a drink probably once a week. I like mochatini's. Vodka, Bailey's and Godiva. I hardly finish the one DH makes for me, though, so I'm hardly ever drunk. The last time I was drunk was on accident with some moonshine that had strawberries in it and DH was sober. I got drunk way faster than I expected. That was like a year ago.
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