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Originally Posted by UVASahm
Wool is awesome! As someone who just got into it, beware, the first time you see that bum in a pair of gorgeous longies you will be hooked!

As to your questions, 1. I don't think you need the microfiber if you plan to change every couple hours. Your flats will hold up. Also, you might have been getting compression leaks from the Mf fleece combo if the fleece was getting too small. You might want to invest in some nice fitteds for nights and naps just to be in the safe side.

2. An upcycled soaker from etsy or fsot or spots would be a great way to start. It should be inexpensive and you can get a feel for the whole thing. Be careful with upcycled longies or shorts. Make sure you measure you little one carefully as I did not and ordered some stuff that did not fit properly!!

3. Wash and care. I am a definite newbie so I will leave this question to someone more experienced. I lanolize the crap out of my soakers but that may not be a great idea for more expensive soakers and/or longies. Good luck! What a great Xmas present!
On one hand I'm leaning towards the commercial brands because some offer a lot of wiggle room in the sizing. My LO has a chubby tummy but she's kind of short. Her waist is 17 inches right now. I need to look up how to measure the rise. On the other hand up cycled wool would be more my speed on price. I think I just need to dive in to it. Then if I like it I'll sell my thirsties duo wraps and I'll have more money for wool lol. The only reason I haven't sold the pul covers is because they were shower gifts and I made such a big deal about wanting them that I don't want to hear any squak about it. Do you use out and about? Do you get compression leaks with wool like fleece? Thanks.
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