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Re: How do you help kids purge without the meltdown tears?

I just make getting rid of things as natural as getting new things. Once every couple of weeks, I say "guys, we're going to Goodwill! Does anyone have anything they want to donate?" We've talked about the fact that many children do not have nice things to play with, so it is second nature for them to give their unwanted things away. If one of them isn't in the mood one time, then that is okay. Usually though, I find that modeling the behavior I ant to see is enough of a motivator. When one child finds something to donate, then the other one is looking around so s/he can contribute too.

I also think it's important to not have attachment to their toys. For awhile, it was tough for ME to let go of their toys. I buy them so it's hard to pass some expensive toy on to someone else when your child has barely touched it. BUT, you just have to listen to the,. You can't guilt your kids into keeping things because that isn't making them any more likely to play with those toys- it's just keeping useless junk around that someone else could enjoy and instead is taking up valuable space in YOUR house. Let it all go!
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