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Re: Gymnastic Nurser

So this is what I'm in for! Oh my...this is going to get interesting. Mine's 5 months and his favorite position has been dubbed the "attack the boob" position. Pretty much any position that allows him to dive for the boob like a predator attacking it's prey! Then he has to squirm around like he's got to keep it from getting away from him. He particularly enjoys putting his feet on my stomach while he nurses, which is alright when we're laying down, but when I'm sitting up it makes me feel like I've got to be a contortionist just to keep him from trying to detach the nipple from the rest of my body, yeowch! I'm starting to think I'm really going to be in trouble once he figures out how to do crazy things like getting his feet up on my shoulders and other crazy things! I never thought I'd have a crazy contortionist nurser, especially after my last three were all either very calm or totally down to business!
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