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My ds was born at 30 weeks on 11-17. I am pumping for him but it is really a challenge. I am 3 weeks post partum and only get 1-1.5 oz combined per pumping session. I have nursed my previous 7 kids and always had oversupply. This is so different. I am using a rental hospital grade Medela Symphony.

I had PROM at 28-4 weeks, was on strict hospital bedrest with IV and oral antibiotics then got an infection at 30-5 weeks. The docs think I can't pump much because my body was so traumatized from the infection and PROM then emergency c section. My son was within an hour or so of death. He was in bad shape when he was delivered.

You are doing a wonderful thing! I don't have the option of a milk bank where I live so he gets formula to make up for what I can't pump. I can't imagine your loss. And then you are doing such a wonderful thing by donating milk.

All that to say I am producing about the same amount of milk.

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