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Re: When did af return?

With all of mine it was about when the baby went for about 6 hours at a stretch without nursing. My daughter was about 7 months (doc said "failure to thrive" and supplemented with formula, which did us in for nursing). 8 or 9 months, I think, for my oldest boy... My middle son was about 11 months (actually, I think it was right before he turned 11 months). I'm not sure if this one is going to be the same way. I've felt crampy and had some premenstrual symptoms, but nothing yet. With all three of them it started out like a regular to light period, but I had KILLER PMS! Actually, usually it's not PMS so much for me, since it's about one or two days before and then about halfway through my cycle. Ugh...I'm not looking forward to that first period! It's killer!
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