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Re: S/O How many toys do you think is just enough? How many is too few?

We have lots of Legos. Beyond that, not a whole lot.

Fisher Price dollhouse with enough furniture to do each room
3 Barbies and a few outfits
half a dozen My Little Ponies
a bunch of Squinkies
30 Hot Wheels
2 18" dolls with maybe a dozen outfits
5 dress-up outfits
some K'Nex
enough random bits to fill a small tote

I think that's it, aside from board games and puzzles. We play a lot of games and still have kids at different levels, but as the 5 yr old gets older, some of the games will be leaving. She's not ready, though, for most of our games. Anyway, I think that's a pretty accurate list for the 3 kids. I'm probably getting rid of the dress-up clothes soon, though, as they are really never used, and when we finally get some storage up for DS we'll probably go through his stuff again. Oh, I forgot stuffed animals. We have some, but the ones that are out get played with, and the ones that are put away fit in a tub and were mine when I was a kid, for the most part. I keep thinking about going through them, but as they were mine when I was a kid, I have a hard time doing so.
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