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Re: S/O How many toys do you think is just enough? How many is too few?

Originally Posted by passthepickles View Post
For Christmas we are adding to sets and they are also getting some new Tegu blocks and geomags. I like having sets of things because all kids can play together without fighting. I love the concept of "community toys." Each kid has their own small bin for special toys they don't want to share- but they hardly ever have something in the bins. They pretty much share everything.
I'm trying to get mine down to a list as short as yours! I really like the concept behind the cooperative play toys.Since my two year old has recently gotten the grabbies, the 4 year old has become very possessive of what she thinks is hers. Even when they're playing together though, it seems they fight over which color piece goes where,etc. I guess it comes with age and maturity.

ETA: after reading over the list that I entered above, I got encouraged to go ahead and get rid of a few! Reading it all in one place made me realize how much they have. So a few got tossed into the donate box.
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