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Re: How much drinking is acceptable when youre raising children?

We used to sip tequila a lot too...when you're paying $200/bottle, you don't shoot it!

Before I got pregnant, I would drink a beer or two a few times a week with DH. During the week, it was always after the kids were in bed (and once they're in bed, they're always down for the whole night). On the weekend, it might start in the afternoon or around dinner. Sometimes it was more, sometimes it was less. My kids have probably seen me buzzed once or twice when we were on vacation and had a designated driver and my mom around to watch them. I've let them sip from my beer here and there (DD, 4, now says she can't have any beer because she's not 21). Our liquor is within reach of the kids and they've learned not to touch the bottles. Granted, they're still young, but I don't want alcohol to be some taboo thing for them. Alcoholism doesn't run in the family and I don't want it to be some big mystery when they're in high school.
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