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Re: HSing Check-In December 8-22

Jen, I may have missed this earlier but is the optometrist appt routine or are there some concerns? Either way I hope everything goes well.

As for us Kearnan's eval with the OT went as expected last week and we were lucky enough to catch a cancellation for an eval with ST for this Wednesday. If that comes back as we expect it to he will most likely begin both ST and OT after the begining of the year. At the very least the OT has recommended 45minutes twice a week but we are compromising on once a week because I can't interrupt school so much right now. I am fairly certain I can get the bulk of Tharen's school work done in the waiting room but after spending 15-30minutes in the car, 45minutes in the waiting room (assuming just OT, if we do ST as well that is 1.5 hours) and another 15-30minutes in the car on the way home we have now used up a good portion of a day. I just can't give up two days that Kearnan could be doing school work. He is spending too much of each day staring at the wall instead of working. There is the chance that this therapy will help with that, but it is too hard to know. So we will do one day of therapy and a home program. If that doesn't help we will increase to 2 days. We also need to talk about the social skills group (yet another day). I don't know when he will get any school work done.

On the school front Kearnan is not making much progress. Today he took 2.5 hours to do his math work so very little got done. Tharen on the other hand did the work I asked him to do and got done. I've been looking at the Oak Meadow curriculum and realized that it is very similar to what I am already doing. I may attempt to buy some pieces of it used for next year but I don't think I will buy the whole thing because I am already doing it naturally.
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