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Re: Talk to me about wool

So wool is awesome but do be forewarned it can be addictive I would say go for the recycled wool to try it out. Some of our favorites have be recycled wool plus they seem a bit more durable to me. Once you figure out if you love it than you can try interlock, knit, etc. I usually have some of each. I use wool out and about and LOVE it for night time or anytime really I find you get much less compression leaks with wool than fleece. They do happen but I've found it to be few and far between as long as you lanolize properly. Also flats and prefolds too work great under wool so no worries there. If you have any questions I would be happy to answer as best as I can and provide any guidance getting you started that you may need. I think if you are having issues with PUL and getting frustrated with fleece, wool will be perfect for you. It can be confusing at first but well worth it!
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