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Originally Posted by holly6737
My mom is very vocal about DH needing to "get fixed". We were taking my DS #4 to a follow up appointment when he was 3 DAYS old and she basically cornered and grilled me about it in the waiting room. I eventually told her, "Mom, they are OUR reproductive choices, not yours! Drop it!" She eventually apologized, but I know she's going to flip out when/if we get pregnant with #5. I get what she is saying, I really do. We are very busy people. So I understand what she's saying. But my argument is (and I told her this!)- My children are the only things I'm going to leave behind on this earth. They are my legacy. To me, they are the most important thing I've ever been a part of and we take parenting very seriously. She just doesn't get it.
I just don't understand why our parents think its any of their business. It's like they're sending the message that we can't handle it and or that we were so difficult to handle that they are trying to save us the misery....great feeling

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