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Re: Does this seem normal or should I get my child checked out?

Originally Posted by kbstanley3 View Post
Everything sounds normal except the sleep. My middle DD started having night terrors around that age (have pretty much stopped now). She would have her eyes fully open, but it was like she was still asleep, and she would just cry and scream. Talking to her would only make it worse and if I tried to touch her (to try to console her before we knew it was night terrors) she would get violent. Does it sound like that or is she aware of what's going on around her? If she's aware of her surroundings then it's probably not night terrors.
I've considered that. She screams more when dad tries to pat her back, and does't listen when I talk. I've learned the best thing to do is physically grab her, wake her and restrain her. I say, "mommy and daddy are here. pink bear and yellow bear are here. we're all sleeping together." I ask if she had a "bad dream" but she doesn't respond, she tries to process the word dream, but I don't think she understands it. Is the "treatment" for night terrors different than that for bad dreams?
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