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Re: Does this seem normal or should I get my child checked out?

Originally Posted by Made of Fleece View Post
Oh and by the way, I'm like 2 weeks from my due date with baby#2 and people say toddlers can get extra clingy. I'm also mostly bed-ridden and can't hold her much, so 50% of her tantrums are "uppy, mommy" (wants to be held, and not just held, but held some distance from the ground, and not just that, but walked as well). It's like she thinks I'm intentionally witholding affection or care.
To her you are, she doesn't understand why it is you can't pick her up. I went through this with my 17mo at the end of my pregnancy. She didn't understand I physically just couldn't hold her at that point. She still has issues with it sometimes because she doesn't understand I can't stop feeding the baby to hold her.

Originally Posted by Made of Fleece View Post
Everything the "books" suggest: redirecting, suggesting an alternative course of action, ignoring, humor (but not much of that these days), and rationalizing (makes it worse). We've never done "time outs" and she's probably young for that, but I don't think of her behavior as "punishable". Just frustrating, annoying, fruitless, and anything I do is futile.
She's not too young for time outs. My now 21mo gets timeouts and she does understand. It is just a time to sit down and calm down. TBH, it sounds like she's testing because she knows you're limited AND she wants the attention. It'll probably get worse before it gets better, especially with a new LO coming and her figuring that out. But it's all pretty normal for 2. They aren't called the terrible twos for nothing.
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