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Re: Does this seem normal or should I get my child checked out?

Originally Posted by luvsviola View Post
My 21 month old started waking back up this week, after STTN for a couple months. The only thing that is working for her is to just go in, let her know we are there, and walk back out, letting her CIO for awhile--usually about 20. She will then go back to sleep. But the first 3 nights, we get her up, let her come in our bed, tried to rock, etc, and all we did was prolong the going back to sleep. She didn't go back to sleep at all the first night, and won't until we put her in her crib and walk out. I am dreading the switch to a toddler bed.
Ah, if only my DD crib-trained... Her CIO lasts 4 hours until dawn, even when we ARE there comforting her. My friend was telling me about setting her DD up with her first toddler bed. She learned that it was helpful to keep a night light on, versus complete sensory deprivation in the crib. Somehow it gave this particular toddler a sense of security.
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