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Regression...sort of?

My 2yo potty-trained in September, and she did such an awesome job...caught on right away and everything. She's 29 months now, and it seems like it has just become a game or something to her. She'll always poop in the potty, but her panties always get wet if she has to pee. Sometimes it is just enough to get them wet, then she'll go the rest on the potty, and sometimes she'll just totally pee her pants. The problem is, it isn't like she's just having accidents...she knows full well when she has to go. She'll come to us and say, "Mama, Dada, I pee!!". But when we tell her to go to the potty or if we try to take her over there, she starts laughing and running around, or she'll just say, "No", or act like she doesn't have to go, or jump on the couch and try to get away from us, or whatever. We have both a seat that fits over the real toilet, and also a little frog potty for her to go on. We've tried rewards, we've tried not acknowledging it or not giving her attention when she goes in her pants, we've tried explaining why she needs to sit on the potty, but nothing seems to phase her. I wouldn't care if she was just having accidents because she is only 2, but it is the point that she's doing this intentionally. Also, this is a little unrelated, but we've had to switch back to sposies with packing tape wrapped around the waistband when she goes to bed for naps or the night because she'll just take cloth or an un-taped sposie off and then ends up peeing the bed in her sleep. I'm just getting frustrated because we have to get new panties and pants every time she pees, and I can't let her go naked because it is too cold. I don't want to go back to diapers b/c I feel like that would just make us go backwards even more. I don't want to do pull-ups b/c she just sees them as diapers, and doesn't even mention when when she has to go at all, she just goes in them. Is there anything else I can do?
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