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Assunta, Simplex AIO, GMD, Alva, Sunbaby, BRAND NEW Menstrual cups, more!

Simplex AIO, Alva, Sunbaby, Baby Wizard GMD prefolds, Assunta fitteds. Streamlining the stash, especially since we're moving in a few months. Most were bought new--newborn and small sizes were used for 3-4 months, and the one size items were used for 6-8 months.

I am [B][COLOR="Red"] very much ISO: GMD brown edge workhorses with snaps, maybe Dazzle and Sassy colored Flips as well.


Swaddlebees Simplex in medium. Used once and hated the fit on my daughter compared to other side snapping AIOs we have. $16ppd.


Assunta Store bamboo fitteds. Super soft and squishy and absorbent! Love these a lot but unfortunately bamboo just doesn't work well for us. Both are stained a bit on the soakers, but I haven't tried sunning them out. The stain on the flap on the green fitted is coffee, whoops. Yes, I live in Seattle . $8ppd each. SOLD


ALL POCKETS BELOW $7ppd each or $6.50ppd if buying multiples.

Top row Alva and Sunbaby. Bottom row bamboo-inner Alva and Baby Wizard. No inserts included.

Old, pointy-style small Fuzzibunz. Inserts included, lightly stained.

White Alva, used. Two toned Alva BNIP.


Various bamboo inserts. $1 each plus actual shipping.


2 stained Econobum prefolds and 1 unbleached GMD red edge. $1.25 each plus actual shipping.


1 brand new FemmyCycle menstrual cup, with pouch. These just came out a few weeks ago. They come in a pack of 2 but I only need 1 since I have other cups. $15ppd. SOLD

5 brand new China-made silicone menstrual cups, similar to the Lunette brand (one in the picture has sold). Comes with pouch, instruction manual if you want it. $10ppd each. All Pending

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