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Originally Posted by Made of Fleece

OT = occupational therapist? I didn't know they worked with toddlers in that kind of stuff. That actually reminds me, our state has a "first five" program that is free.

Re: waking at night. This became actually a reguar occurrence lately. And it's usually about 2am'ish. Sometimes it seems like nightmares. Most of the time I can hold her and rock her back to sleep (only me, not dad). But sometimes she's completely inconsolable and we're up til dawn. Her language skills are fine for her age. She signs and chatters a lot. And I can understand that her language lags behind her other developmental capacities, but they are still advanced enough to understand when I say: "no, mirror CAN'T close in half" or "too much in box, CAN'T close cover". It's like she thinks I'm intentially witholding some magical physics-defying feat from her.

Oh and by the way, I'm like 2 weeks from my due date with baby#2 and people say toddlers can get extra clingy. I'm also mostly bed-ridden and can't hold her much, so 50% of her tantrums are "uppy, mommy" (wants to be held, and not just held, but held some distance from the ground, and not just that, but walked as well). It's like she thinks I'm intentionally witholding affection or care.
That's rough. :-( That's exactly what happened with my son, too. I think having a sibling comin in during that crazy toddler time makes the normal stuff a bit more "pronounced" than normal. :-) But my DS is 4.5 now and dd is 1.5. He mellowed out (mostly), and she is now taking her turn with the drama. Lol.
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