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All of it sounds normal to me. I've currently got a 26 month old.

Even the sleep thing sounds fairly normal. There's a 24month sleep regression. All of a sudden my child who had STTN most of her life was up 5-6x a night. We 'cured' that with consistency and a toddler clock.

That being said, your child's verbal skills trump my daughters. She's on par, yours might be a little ahead.

No real advice. I either ignore or discipline tantrums. I'm not much of a tantrum redirecter. I just don't have the patience for it. Meltdowns are less frequent these days, but still exist.

I have noticed she all of a sudden seems to be needing more sleep than before. If your daughter is getting less sleep, that might be another reason she's tantruming so much - overtired.

My fun child was replaced over night it seems. We're all just trying to get our loveable kids back - lol. But just choose a course of action, be consistent and I think you'll see improvement.
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