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Originally Posted by JackieMarieVDV

I've heard of the birthing stool but don't know much about it. How exactly does it help?

After this conversation I am definitely leaning towards a HB and a MW.
With my first baby I labored in the tub (at the birth center), but then pushed her out on the birth stool. It's shaped like a toilet with the front cut out, so the midwives can see everything and catch the baby. It can be helpful for pushing, because it gets you into a supported "squat" position, and our bodies are used to pushing on a toilet, and it kind of mimics that sensation.

My second and third babies were home water births (with the same midwives we had at the birth center). I am 100% sold on homebirth, and hope I can have all my babies at home from now on! I love not having to go anywhere while in labor. No deciding when to go in, or be sure I have everything packed and out to the car. The midwives come when they (and you) feel they should be there, and if it's not the right time, they can leave and come back later. It's so relaxed and lovely. As for dry or water, if a water birth sounds good to you, I'd prepare for one, but just go with what feels right for your body at the time. I always have the tub and the bed ready (and have my mws bring the birth stool) so I have lots of options if I change my mind while in labor.
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