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Originally Posted by jesajane
24 days off? That's awesome!!
I wish I could that but the requirements for my state are kind of strict. I'll have to make up the time we miss on weekends. We have to have 180 days, then tell them in the beginning of the year when our last day will be. I basically follow the public school's calendar because that was easiest.
Thanks again for the advice. I appreciate it.
Wow, I didn't realize any states required an end date and 180 days. Our school goes for 140 days (Monday through Thursday for 8 hours a day). That's one reason DH never wants to teach outside of this district.

24 days off is lets us take a nice vacation to visit family over the holidays.

I'm going to continue working with my 5 year old while we are on vacation but we are just going to do a quick 10-15 minute reading lesson each day. She is just starting to really pick it up, so I want to continue the lessons. We aren't going to work on any other subjects for those 3.5 weeks.
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