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I need LA suggestions please - we are really struggling!

I would love some suggestions. We are really struggling with language arts this year and I am at a bit of a loss as to what to try.

Background - I have two homeschoolers (and three who are too little) they are in grades 4 and 5. We also have a tutor who is a retired teacher/librarian who works with them 4 hours per week. I personally don't have a lot of time to run programs BUT their tutor has 2 hours per week per kiddo.

DS1 is a great reader (above grade level) but a terrible speller and writer. His writing lacks length (4 word sentences etc) and his actual printing is terrible with random capitals, poor spelling and lack of punctuation. I just read about dysgraphia and honestly think he may have it. I know he has some other LDs which aren't diagnosed.

DS2 has pdd-nos and a fine motor delay as well as some other sort of learning disabilities. He reads and writes at a grade 1 or K level. He is of average intelligence as well and his understanding is good. When his work is done orally he is excellent. He is a grade ahead in science and socials (in grade 4 but an A student in grade 5 science) BUT with everything done orally.

Their tutor is at a loss on how to reach them. She isn't seeing any improvement in their skills in language arts What we need is a curriculum which concentrates on getting them to produce MORE written work. We need to move past the 4 word sentences with poor spelling and into the starts of paragraphs. I like graphic organizers but it is difficult and too time consuming to find them and then design the lessons to go with them. Does anyone know of a program which may help?
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