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Originally Posted by DalesWidda
Ok, take this with a grain of salt but you're either adhd or your not. There is no "little bit" of adhd or "not quite" adhd. Not saying it to pick on you but if you really feel your dd has adhd innatentive type you should get her evaluated before you decide to do any type of treatment, wether it is homeopathic or allopathic. If a child does not have adhd no amount of caffeine or stimulant will help. That's why you should really get a diagnosis. With an adhd person there is a frontal lobe malfunction. So when you give a stimulant, the medication stimulates the malfunctioning part of the brain, which in turn slows down the hypeactivity, increases attention span and alertness, halts impulses, etc. In a non-adhd person a stimulant (meds/caffeine, etc) will do nothing but speed up the functioning frontal lobe which is of course not a great idea. Just giving you my experiences. I have adhd, my daughter has adhd, and I also have an associates degree in psych. Good luck!

ETA: I do agree with the pp. you can't go wrong with cutting out artificial colors and dyes. Everyone can benefit from eating healthier.
That isn't true. I am add and I can't take stimulant medication bc it does speed me up. Everyone reacts differently to medications.
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