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Re: Soo...whats the LEAST number of dipes you could get away with?

There was a time I had 24 flats and eight covers for two, washing every other day, so I could get by with half that for my one still in diapers.

We don't really have a choice other than to use disposables at night, they just get too rashy.

I don't really like having only a dozen because then I am constantly washing a tiny load. It is better for me to have a whole load of diapers, and to have a few left to use once the washer's full, so he's not running naked until I can get laundry done.

compared to some people who have 70+ diapers, I'm not really bothered about have 24 for one kid, but I splurge on covers (since I make them) I want him to have every cute one, and then I stuff them all at once, and no hunting pieces down at change time. I think he has about 14 right now.
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