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Originally Posted by Yarnjess
We do wool with flats and fitteds. I like the Jo fold or the kite fold with the edges jelly rolled in for the flats. I find those two seem to contain poo the best so it doesn't end up on the wool as often. My daughter sometimes likes to save it up for a week, so blowouts occasionally happen because I don't think any diaper can contain that much poo. I've made all our wool and I really like it.

Also check out the FSOT threads. Lots of mamas have a variety of wool for less than brand new or for trade. You might be able to get more bang for your buck there.
Thanks for the fold tips. I'll look them up. I've been practicing getting the legs snug. My LO has blowouts sometimes too but it usually goes up the back yuck. I think your right though that no diaper can hold that much poo giggle.
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