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Re: Tell me about cloth in the hossy. . .

I have not cloth diapered in the hospital yet, however I have 8 newborn fitted diapers. Also I have a couple dozen pre-folds that I am going to be taking with me. Of course that is what I have at this point. I may have more by the time that the baby comes, I am not due until March so I still have some time. I am also taking cloth wipes with me too. I have a bunch of baby washcloths that I have cut the tag off of and use as cloth wipes as well has a bunch of cut down flat folds that I use as well. Our hospital offers a disposable cloth to use as a wipe that you just wet with water they seem to work very well. Our hospital also has told us that we can use their pre-folds if we need to. I am going to be having another c-section (this being my 3rd) and we are already planning on being home within 48 hours. My midwife has stated that if there are no complications I can go home within 2 days! I was out in less than 2 days with my second as well so we are hoping for that this time around. I have also never cloth diapered a newborn either so this will be a learning experience. I am just hoping that I have enough diapers for the whole stay. My husband will be doing the laundry when I get home.
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