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Re: July 2013 Weekly Chat: Dec. 10-16

Originally Posted by MacMomma View Post
Hi, I'm usually on Facebook but want to keep up here too! I'm now 10w5d. My first midwife appt was last Friday. She came to our home and we got to hear the heartbeat! A beautiful 164bpm

Originally Posted by mcpforever View Post
It seems the theme today is "reassurance." I got a little of that yesterday. My legs started aching from standing in one place too long. It's not leg cramps, just a low key ache that goes away when I sit or walk. I didn't have it with my first child, and it came aroun 5 months with the second one. Since then, it's come earlier with each pregnancy. It also comes on the first day of AF since my third kiddo.
That is great that you can get some comfort that all is well.

Originally Posted by MadeofStarStuff View Post
Hi, I am 8 weeks 3 days today and am feeling TIRED. Last week is a blur--I slept so much and vacillated between nausea and starvation, lol. I do not feel as nauseous so far, so hoping I have a better week. I had HG with my oldest, so I always worry when I start feeling sick. I had a great u/s last Monday--measured 7 weeks 1 day and heart rate was 152bpm. I am very relieved! My next appointment is December 31st.
AFM (as for me): My 15 month-old has weaned. He has not breast fed in 2 weeks. I feel kind of guilty, but it's actually a relief to have my boobs back to myself for a little while. I guess we were both just ready. My 13 year-old has been a huge help around the house as I have been struggling to keep up. Did I mention we are moving from a 2 bedroom apartment with a yard to a 4 bedroom town house with a patio but a huge park across the street Saturday?? Yes, packing craziness is underway amidst my fatigue. Here's hoping I get through this, lol!
- I know the feeling your talking about and I am not 7 weeks for another 2 days! I am sorry your 15 month old weaned. I know that couldn't have been easier for you. Good luck with your move! I did that in my 2ww once, and when I was 8 months pregnant once. Both were equally as fun!

Oh speaking of moving, DH sent me a txt message a little while ago. He forgot to tell me this morning that last night around midnight, a moving truck pulled up to the house across the street. It wasn't there this morning. How odd!

Originally Posted by JackieMarieVDV View Post
I love all the happy reassurance on here!

I haven't had an appointment since I was around 6 or 7 weeks and I'm 10 weeks 3 days now. So I don't know much about anything right now. I am hoping I get in with the midwives here, I find out tomorrow. I tried laying on my back on my bed, with my knees hanging down and tried feeling for my uterus. I pressed quite a bit, not super hard, but I felt around for about a minute. I think I felt something just above my hairline, but I'm not 100% sure whether it was my uterus. How big should it be at 10 weeks and where should you feel it? Any special tricks to finding it?
I hope you are able to get your appointment soon! I am not trying to find my uterus. I know it is there. I have had the ultrasounds, PET scans, CT scans, and MRI's to prove it. Good luck finding yours!

Originally Posted by cowangel View Post
I go Wed. for my 1st apt. Nausea and tiredness here too.

We have 2 birthdays next week and DH graduates with his RN on Friday - we just found out today that he definitely passed all his classes!
Congratulations to your DH! That is a great accomplishment! Good luck tomorrow!

Originally Posted by snugglesnsunshine View Post
Saw bean and heartbeat today!measured 7 wks 6 days, 149 bpm. I videoed it for dh because he wanted to be there but couldnt. I have another appt. On the 3rd of Jan. And will get another ultrasound mainly to check fluid. I think they are worried because I am nursing still.

That's awesome on the nursing school. Congrats to your dh.

Yay for all the heartbeats lately!
Everyone have a great week!

AFM - I am feeling worse today then I have been. Not good since I still have a meeting to host this morning. However once this is over I have nothing not pregnancy related till the last friday of the year when I have a skin biopsy. I called today to figure out my insurance since I will be seeing only my peri this time around. The guy at the insurance place, couldn't understand the contract!! Why do they write those things for people that speak some sort of long dead language? I contacted DH who contacted HR who told him to contact the rep to figure out how this will work. I have a feeling that we will have to hit our deductible then have co-pays for a specialist after that, but there is a SMALL chance that we will have just a small co-pay and then the HUGE co-pays for the hospital stay. It doesn't really matter as we will reach the deductible either way, it just lets me know how much we have to fork over at the beginning of the year.
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