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My brother had the Plastibell and had some issues. He didn't have any infections but the skin continued to grow forward as other mamas have mentioned. It had to be pulled back regularly. His was done about 20 years ago, though, so they may be different today. I was adamant about DS not being circ'd with one because of it. I'm always shocked by how different things seem to be regionally as our Peds use pain meds and they acted like that was the standard. My Ped also would not do the Plastibell method as he said there are too many issues with it. DH and I circ'd our DS and will circ any future sons too. We both know too many older men who weren't and had to be later because of health problems. OP, I hope you can find someone who will use a different method if it is important to you, b/c I would be very leery of the Plastibell too.

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