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Re: Does a diaper like this exist? Help me find it please!

I also have oversupply, and my baby is also a heavy wetter who poops a LOT.

During the day I use Babykicks Basic pocket diapers, and I find that they do a really good job absorbing her pee with the microfiber/hemp insert. Also, they are very sleek and trim - definitely the trimmest pocket diaper I tried. I have never had any issues with poop coming out the side/back, but I never had blowouts in any cloth diaper, only disposables.

I agree with the previous poster that if you have had issues with poop coming out of cloth diapers, a fitted with a cover is probably your best bet because it has that 2nd layer of protection - if it gets out of the fitted it probably at least won't get out of the cover. Babykicks also makes a hemp fitted diaper that is very absorbent and I use that for naps/overnight. The fitted itself is very trim, but since you have to add a cover over it, it will add a little more bulk, like any fitted/cover. I also use TotsBots Bamboozle fitted diapers, which are also very absorbent. I have had poop come out the sides of the diaper with those, but it doesn't get out of the cover, so that's not a big deal to me.
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