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Re: Switching between diapers and panties?

Sounds like you are a quite a busy mom. (Aren't we all? ) DD seems to have great control with her body functions. I don't think it's wise to tell a 2 year old who just potty trained to go in her diaper in a common situation like a car trip. I would also reserve diapers for unusual situations like plane trips.

Honestly, potty training has been the most time consuming and frustrating aspect of my short parenting career. I don't even have a newborn to multiply the diffuculty. However, I think you need to pad more time in your schedule to give DD the opportunity to go pee in the proper setting. Can you push the front seat all the way back so you can put the potty on the floor of the front seat? My DD must always attempt a pee before we go out. When we first started potty training, I pulled over every hour and attempted a pee in potty in the back of my station wagon (She won't use a public toilet). When she got better, I'd ask every hour. Now, we attempt every two hours unless DD protests. With my DD, by the time she tells me she needs to go pee, we have about 90 seconds, so I try to preempt that. I'm sure you know how long your DD can hold it. Can you plan around her schedule a bit more?
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