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Re: Refusing to eat on one side?

Keep trying on the right side.

This was and is me. My right nipple is small and I produce much less on that side. I tried my hardest to stimulate and pump on the right. I had DD nurse that side first and I even tried extra pumping events just on the right side. It all lasted til about 5 or 6 months and then DD started refusing the right side. I kept pumping on that side for a while and then gave up. DD is 2 years old and has only nursed on my left side since 6 months. I produced plenty for her from one breast. At the time, I was pretty concerned so I searched old posts on this site and several mamas have had this problem. I'm a bit lopsided. Oh well. I wear a silicone chicken cutlet thingy in my right bra cup when I wear a tight t-shirt or something form fitting.
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