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Re: The 25lb Challenge December thread

Originally Posted by Numommy View Post
Yea Kimmie! I'm back up to 147. ...hmm probably gonna be that tequila night last night w the hubs... hella fun though!
Every time I drink with DH I gain 2-4 lbs the next day. Dehydration and carbs. It will take a day or 2 of water, but will go away.

Ever have one of those "friends" who have no life experience, little education, but know EVERYTHING!!!??? She just had her fist baby and knows it all, although I am on number 4 and one has managed to survive and thrive to 15 yrs.

Today I posted on FB how much I have lost. She commented on how she has not lost a pound and is bummed. I talked about eating healthy, avoiding certain foods, drinking water not soda, etc. All the things we all have been doing to improve our health and weight. She told me I am wrong and it is only portions and drinking any liquids. Yet I have lost over 50 lbs and her none. She also was telling me about Weight Watchers (wrong info) which I am a member of and she is not. Really??? Does anyone else have these people in their lives. Sorry to vent, but honestly, she drives me crazy and the only reason I have her on FB is because she is the soon to be DIL of a GOOD friend who is my sons' respite worker.

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