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Re: HSing Check-In December 8-22

Originally Posted by cedavid2011 View Post
ETA: I love the T-shirt Jen!
Thank you! I love it too! I made one for both of the girls like this, and then I made one for me that has the stick figures and says "Good for the whole family!"

Shannon--The appointment is for Keegan who is having all kinds of difficulty with reading. He shows a LOT of signs of dyslexia. The pediatric optomitrist they are sending us too specializes in reading issues. They are going to do some super duper eye exam, have him read and write some stuff and see if they can figure out where to go from here. I figure we will come home with a dyslexia dx.

As for us--It will be a shortish week here this week. DH took a vacation day on Wed. and he's going to go with us to the girls gymnastics and everything like that, then Thursday we are doing the appointment for Keegan and hospital visits. So we've finished most everything for today, but I may try to do a bit more this afternoon. If nothing else we should at least practice some early readers! What early readers do you guys use/love when your littles are learning to read?
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