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Re: Pregnancy After Loss (December)

Originally Posted by PaisleyDeann View Post
Checking in.... 9 weeks yesterday. Terribly sick Cannot wait to stop puking and feeling nauseous 24/7!!!! Praying I get some relief in the next 3-4 weeks but no guarantees since I threw up 9 months with my girls I hate to sound like I'm complaining but it sucks laying on the couch all day with no energy and feeling nauseous and on the verge of puking. I watch 6 kids (including my 2) under the age of 5 M-F, 10 hours a day and it's so hard to function when I am so sick. At least I have constant reassurance that baby is thriving. My first appointment is on the 22nd and my ultrasound is on the 31st. Can't wait!!!!!!!
You're definitely allowed to complain. I cannot imagine having to take care of 6 kids-thankful I only have my 2 and that only from 3pm-bedtime. I'm right there with you in the sickness department. Still puking and back to only maintaining weight this week. (I lost 15lbs even though I've been on 3 different meds from the start). Hyperemesis STINKS!

Elena (((((Hugs))))) Hate those milestone weeks but then again it feels like such a big step to pass them.

Deanna-yeah losses around me still unsettle me. And it's beyond me why women have to share their 2nd and 3rd trimester losses with an almost stranger who is pregnant. I had not 1 but 2 collegues at our Christmas party today share that they lost a baby at 4 and 5 months along. WHY would you share that?! I mean obviously we all know it can happen especially in this group but I just don't get why women have to purposely scare others???? Made me thankful that I was able to excuse myself after barely an hour there.

Susan-good to hear baby is growing on target.

Marie-how is the stomach flu? Hope you're all better!
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